Whether you’re planning a shoot yourself or just interested to know how things are changing, we’ve pulled together a handy checklist for planning a safe shoot during Covid-19. Of course this can’t cover everything - make sure to check local laws and guidelines to make sure your particular shoot is good to go. The APA safe shooting guidelines are great for a comprehensive overview of best practice! 

Download the pdf version of our checklist here: 



Include in your budget: 

  • Extra cost of alternatives to public transport for cast and crew, e.g. mileage expenses and cabs
  • Additions to invoices in lieu of catering
  • PPE equipment 

Remember during pre-production:

  • Update your risk assessment 
  • Arrange alternative transportation for crew
  • Look into the hygiene policy of any kit hire
  • If possible, arrange advance drop-off so that kit can be quarantined   

Distribute ahead of the shoot

  • The risk assessment with an extra note about Covid-19
  • A clear Covid-19 policy outlining measures that will be taken on the shoot and instructions to crew 
  • A reminder to eat well beforehand, and to bring their own food and water

N.B. Covid-19 can last for 24 hours on paper, so call sheets and other documents should not be brought to set and instead circulated by email. 

Pack on the day

  • Social distancing signage 
  • Tape for floor markings 
  • Name labels for the PPE 
  • Extra waste bins for glove disposal 
  • Hand sanitiser and soap 


If you are wondering about alternatives to a standard video shoot, take a look at our post on all the video options currently available. 

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