Goodbye, 2018, the year we built an island in a car, went filming in Iraq, imagined a flu pandemic on Instagram, stood up to cancer with 75 YouTubers, launched a music app in Afghanistan, learnt how Vermeer made paint, invented a council to represent the nighttime and — well, the list goes on.

But let’s not dwell on the past. Here’s a handful of the things we want to do this year. Do them with us: email Tom ( or Tim ( if any of these sound like new year’s resolutions for you, too.

Better influencers

Mama Bee

Influencer marketing has come in for a rough ride recently. But — as we found out when we went with YouTuber mum Mama Bee of the Eh Bee family to Kurdistan — influencers can be unparalleled communicators of story and emotion, if worked with in the right way. The last bit is crucial, and it’s one of the things we do best. Get in touch if you want to hear more.

More live

live camera set up

Our three hour Stand Up To Cancer YouTube extravaganza, with 75 creators across three studios (plus a bunch of pre-records), was one of our most ambitious production projects to date. And we’ve got a taste for it now. Live is so much more than just video happening now — this year, we want to push it further than ever.

Bolder activations

Fiat Tipo world in a car boot

Once you’ve done the island-in-a-car thing, you can’t turn back. Whatever your product USP or brand message, bring it to life in a real world installation or event and watch the crowds — and press — flood in. The bolder, the better.

Ambitious video

Last year we pushed our technical video skills and expanded our network of brilliantly talented individuals to bring on to projects. Online video technology continues to progress rapidly, while an ever broader range of formats is building even more massive engagement.

camera set up


More work with great people

Museum of London Night Council

Great work starts with great clients. After another year of deepening existing relationships and building new ones, we believe this more than ever. Our door is always open if you need an answer to a question, an opinion on something or new ideas. And we love a good referral, so put us in touch with great people you know!

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