Little Mix are commemorating their 10 year anniversary in the music industry with a new album, announced yesterday. To help them celebrate, Twitter invited the band to look back on a decade’s worth of Tweets, each highlighting a special memory shared by Little Mix fans. In 2021, Twitter plays a big part in modern stardom. This was a perfect opportunity to remind fans of the power of Twitter to connect them with their favourite artists. 

It was also a great example of what you can achieve by making smart use of a single shoot. We’ve ended up launching 10 individual videos with Twitter, each posted as part of a Tweet thread. Here we’re sharing a few helpful insights about how we managed that with only one short shoot. 

Video with Little Mix
A still from one of our videos starring Little Mix 

On a deadline

When Twitter asked us to help out, we knew time would be tight. Shooting content with high profile stars means fitting into their busy schedules and, on the day, we had just over half an hour with the band. A few tips for shooting quality content in a short space of time: 

  • Your director needs to be experienced with setting talent at ease and drawing out an authentic performance - shout out to Josh Bennett at Storm and Shelter who was a dream to work with as usual. 
  • Keep it simple: our concept, the band responding to Tweets that we showed onscreen, was quick and easy to execute, but still effective and impactful. 
  • Make sure you’re completely prepared: we knew exactly what we wanted from the interview and had planned how to get it, from prompts and talking points to back-up content ideas. 

In fact, we were so well prepared that, when it came to the edit, we had enough footage for a much longer video than we had originally planned. Little Mix were consummate professionals and brought tons of energy in front of the camera, providing so many funny moments it was a shame to lose any. 

Context is important

As a result of all that great footage, we had a dilemma on our hands - albeit a fairly nice one as dilemmas go. We know our audience, made up of devoted Little Mix fans, is hungry for as much content as they can get. And we love to give audiences what they want. But the video was showcasing Tweets and going out on Twitter, where users expect short form, easily digestible content. We wanted to serve the fans, whilst also creating something that fit the specific context of Twitter as a platform. 

The solution: utilise one of Twitter’s most popular features - the thread. We split the video into 10 individual clips, each posted as part of a Tweet thread. This way, the fans get all the juicy content and they get to consume it in their preferred format. 

The takeaway for us is that thinking through the needs of your audience usually leads you back to what works for the product and platform. A good campaign brings all of these things together. Our commitment to both delivering big for our audience and staying mindful of the type of content we were creating, resulted in a great outcome: 10 videos shot in half an hour. 


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