We get asked this a lot, so here’s a rough guide to timelines and budgets for video productions.

When you need it, and how much budget you have for it, are big practical considerations when commissioning video. 

More money generally means better quality:

  • more time honing the creative
  • more (and more experienced) crew available for longer
  • better kit
  • talent (if applicable)
  • music
  • post-production facilities - you get the idea.

Meanwhile, leaving enough time to accomplish all the necessary steps is crucial, but keeping timelines tight and efficient means less money wasted on day rates and overtime. 

Of course, time and money are tied up together too: sometimes money can buy you time saving solutions. 

All this isn’t to say that video can’t be produced quickly and on a smaller budget -- some of the best videos you’ve seen have been. But what time and money do is de-risk a project, and make sure that what you get at the end works for your audience, delivers on your goals, and fits your brand.

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No really, how long and how much?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to how much it costs to produce a video. There are so many variables to take into account! But we can give you some rough guideline figures to help shape your expectations. 

A couple of caveats on timings: 

  • We’ve assumed prompt (2-3 days) feedback and responses from the client throughout. 
  • Try to avoid the rush timings - you may have to pay more for weekend rates and long days, and find that first choices on, say, crew, locations and so on aren’t available if you have a short timeframe.

And another on budget: 

  • Certain aspects of video and film production work are priced around usage licenses. The costs here assume online and event (ie, conference) usage - what we mostly work on. Should you make a YouTube video and then decide to run it as a TV ad, you will likely find there will be extra fees. In some areas, geographic usage and union memberships will trigger extra payments. 

And a last thought for the road: these budgets below show a range, but exclude special requests. If you want Nicole Kidman and a Coldplay song as well, add a few million pounds to the numbers below.

Graphic showing the prices and times

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