A couple of weeks back, we shared some thoughts on how brands and online creators can benefit each other. We even included a few of our current favourite follows, from design accounts to comedy creators. 

That list, though, barely scratched the surface of our collective penchant for quality online content. TikTok in particular is starting a lot of conversations in the office right now, and sneaking its way into more than one of our projects, so we thought the time was ripe to shout out some of our favourite creators on the platform. 


Paul Black 

Actor and writer Paul went viral for his mockumentary Nightmare Neighbours series. His sketches and off-the-cuff monologues lean into a hilariously no-nonsense Glaswegian humour.

Rowi Singh

Stunning makeup creations brought to life through creative transitions and the very TikTok trend of audio-dubbing. We loved this ad for MAC makeup’s new Cruella collection. 


Jordan Studdard 

There’s an element of strange surreality to Jordan’s cleverly looped videos, which often seem like visual short stories. His ad for KFC will have you chuckling and scratching your head. 


The only way we’d ever manage to get interested in Maths. 


Mia is a photographer and creative director sharing inspiring content in the art and design space. Followers often get a peak at galleries and exhibitions she loves, plus information connecting young creatives. 

Kahlil Greene 

Kahlil is a master of engaging educational content. His series breaking down ‘How Everything on This App (TikTok) Originated with Black People’ is a must-watch.  

Charity Shop Sue 

The cringe-worthy adventures of this hilariously unprofessional shop manager never disappoint. 

If you think your brand could be ready to step into the world of TikTok, but you don’t know where to begin, we’d be happy to chat to you about best practice for creating videos on the platform, and creative ways to collaborate with TikTok stars. 


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