This week, we have been reading and listening. We feel grateful that there is a wealth of educational resources available online, created through the generous labour of black writers and activists. With that in mind, we wanted to use our small corner of the internet to share a selection of the many pieces that we have found inspiring and mobilising, which speak to the role and responsibility of brands and companies in the Black Lives Matter movement. Like all of society, we will be asking ourselves important questions over the coming days and weeks. We know we must do so much more if we are to become the allies that the black community deserves, and we know decisive action is long overdue. 

Brands and Black Lives Matter: Resources

Vivien Dovi on Five steps brands can take to genuinely show that black lives matter.  

Candice Frederick on brands getting it wrong

Stephanie Yeboah on brands’ performative allyship.

Njera Perkins on why Glossier’s action in support of BLM is a good example for other brands to follow.  

Sheree Atcheson, Monzo’s head of diversity and inclusion, with a Twitter thread and an article in Forbes offering advice for companies on how to move forward.  

Stephanie Yeboah on what brands can do next.

The #DrawingWhileBlack Directory of professional visual artists, designers, illustrators and animators. 

A comprehensively compiled list of anti-racism resources for white people, via Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein. 


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